PERMATHERM - Fogging test

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PERMATHERM - Fogging test

The permatherm is a Europe-wide innovation: The first fogging test system that can test volatile substances in raw materials without the use of oil. By consciously avoiding warm or hot bath liquids, work safety is significantly increased and the room climate is improved.

Thanks to precise processing and high-precision temperature control, these inspection and test systems enable you to achieve excellent reproducibility and comparability of your analysis results.

Features such as ramp control, timer, etc. guarantee that the device can also be operated unattended and safely.

  • Determination of the fogging characteristics of trim materials in the interior of automobiles, according to DIN 75201:2011-11
  • Cost-effective, as no oil change is required
  • Broad application in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, leather and textile processing industry, …

More technical information can be found here!